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Microsoft Offers New Incentives to Windows 10 Holdouts

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 20:25
If Microsoft's retail store employees can't complete a same-day upgrade to Windows 10, the company will hand over a free Dell laptop.
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IPsoft, Deloitte Team Up on Cognitive Computing Solutions

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 20:15
IPsoft has partnered with the Deloitte consultancy to bring cognitive computing to clients.
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Introducing Enterprise IoT Bootcamp at @ThingsExpo Silicon Valley | #IoT #M2M #API #DigitalTransformation

Java Developer's Journal - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 20:00
SYS-CON Events announced today the Enterprise IoT Bootcamp, being held November 1-2, 2016, in conjunction with 19th Cloud Expo | @ThingsExpo at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Combined with real-world scenarios and use cases, the Enterprise IoT Bootcamp is not just based on presentations but with hands-on demos and detailed walkthroughs. We will introduce you to a variety of real world use cases prototyped using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Spark, and Intel Edison. You will get a thorough overview of enterprise cloud technologies such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT Suite, and IBM Watson IoT, which play an important role in IoT architecture. The immersive 2-day workshop will provide you with everything you wanted to know about Internet of Things.

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5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 19:25
The cloud can help cut costs and increase flexibility, but building out a mature environment takes time. See the five stages companies go through.
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Modernization or Transformation | @ThingsExpo #IoT #Cloud #DigitalTransformation

Java Developer's Journal - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 19:00
Much of IT terminology is often misused and misapplied. Modernization and transformation are two such terms. They are often used interchangeably even though they mean different things and have very different connotations. Indeed, it is somewhat safe to assume that in IT any transformative effort is likely to also have a modernizing effect, and thus, we can see these as levels of improvement efforts. However, many businesses are being led to believe if they don’t transform now they risk becoming irrelevant when they would be equally well-off to simply modernize existing IT services saving millions over transformation.

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Softbank Buying Chip Designer ARM in $32.2B Deal

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 18:35
Softbank says it will invest in and expand ARM's size as it works to help to company grow its business in Internet of things markets.
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Avaya, FatPipe Join Forces for Pre-Integrated SDN, SD-WAN

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 18:12
The two companies claim that this will become the first pre-integrated SDN and SD-WAN enterprise solution of its kind.
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Google Reportedly Has a Major AR/VR Agenda

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 18:00
With help from Daydream, a virtual reality platform, Google reportedly has big plans for bringing together VR and augmented reality.
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[slides] High Availability in the Cloud | @CloudExpo @NewRelic #IoT #Cloud #BigData #DevOps

Java Developer's Journal - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 18:00
When building large, cloud-based applications that operate at a high scale, it’s important to maintain a high availability and resilience to failures. In order to do that, you must be tolerant of failures, even in light of failures in other areas of your application. “Fly two mistakes high” is an old adage in the radio control airplane hobby. It means, fly high enough so that if you make a mistake, you can continue flying with room to still make mistakes. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Lee Atchison, Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate at New Relic, will discuss how this same philosophy can be applied to highly scaled applications, and can dramatically increase your resilience to failure.

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SQL Server 2016 posts world record TPC-H 10 TB benchmark

SQL Server 2016 delivers unparalleled performance and security built-in for your most mission critical transactional systems and data warehouses, along with an integrated business intelligence and advanced analytics solution for building intelligent applications.  Blazing-fast performance is key to ensuring you can deliver a flawless transactional experience while at the same time support demanding real-time operational analytics over the data as fast as the data is coming in.

Recently, Lenovo announced the number one TPC-H 10TB benchmark world record1 using SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 on Lenovo System x3850 X6 using the latest the latest Intel Xeon E7 processor technology. In May 2016, Lenovo also published a new number one TPC-H 30TB world record2 using SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 on Lenovo System x3950 X6. These results, in addition to recent benchmarks by software and hardware partners, as well as key applications, show that SQL Server 2016 is the fastest in-memory database on the planet for your applications.3

SQL Server 2016 owns the top TPC-E performance benchmarks4 for transaction processing, the top TPC-H performance benchmarks for data warehousing, and the top performance benchmarks with leading business applications. PROS Holdings uses SQL Server 2016’s superior performance and built-in R Service to deliver advanced analytics more than 100x faster than before, resulting in higher profits for their customers. KPMG, a leader in audit, tax, and advisory solution, posted 2.5x faster execution time with ten times the table compression with their solution using SQL Server 2016.

Customers can also gain tremendous performance improvement by simply upgrading to SQL Server 2016 without application changes (e.g. queries will run up to 34x faster)5. In addition to leading performance benchmarks, SQL Server 2016 also delivers top price/performance for both workloads providing customers with significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

Easily experience SQL Server 2016 by creating a test environment using an Azure SQL VM. You can also experience the full features through the free developer edition (you will be prompted to sign in to Visual Studio Dev Essentials before you can download SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition). Visit SQL Server 2016 to learn more about new features and download the SQL Server 2016 e-book.

SQL Server 2016 performance


1Non-clustered TPC-H 10TB.

2Non-clustered TPC-H 30 TB.

3Learn more about how your organization can scale to handle the increasing amount of data being stored in modern data warehouses by reading the Intel whitepaper entitled “Accelerating Large-Scale Business Analytics,” which illustrates the integration of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Intel® Xeon® E7 platform driving advanced analytics on a large 100TB dataset.


5Based on internal tests from Microsoft, customers who upgrade to SQL Server 2016 will also experience tremendous performance gain including faster real-time analytics with up to 34x performance on in-memory columnstore queries, faster synchronization and greater availability with up to seven times faster AlwaysOn throughput, 3.6x faster reporting on AlwaysOn replicas and seven to ten times faster on database maintenance (DBCC).

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Why 5G Wireless Is Spurring Government, Business Action

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 17:20
Here's why the U.S. government is so interested in 5G, and why it could be crucial to enjoying technology and creating new business models in the next decade.
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Ubuntu Linux Forums Hacked: Examining the Implications

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 16:52
OS vendors must patch systems fully, ensure correct permission configuration and make use of additional security layers to protect users.
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[slides] Today’s IoT Business Landscape | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

Java Developer's Journal - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 16:15
With an estimated 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, several industries will begin to expand their capabilities for retaining end point data at the edge to better utilize the range of data types and sheer volume of M2M data generated by the Internet of Things. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Don DeLoach, CEO and President of Infobright, discussed the infrastructures businesses will need to implement to handle this explosion of data by providing specific use cases for filtering, cleansing, enriching, storing and analyzing granular data at the edge that will help businesses achieve powerful insights from the many use cases of the Internet of Things.

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Agile2016, July 25-29, Atlanta, USA

Scrum Expert - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 15:31
Organized by the Agile Alliance, Agile2016 is the annual Agile conference and the biggest event in the world on Agile software development and Scrum project management. Agile2016 offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders while networking and collaborating with up to 2,500 Agile professionals from over 40 countries. In the agenda of the Agile2016 conference, you can find topics like “Dynamic Reteaming”, “Distributed Agile: Evolution or Delusion?”, “Coaching Nightmares: Insights we can Learn from Gordon Ramsay”, “Finding Agreement When Everyone Is Right”, “Making Infrastructure as Awesome as Agile Software”, “The Executives Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformation”, “Creating Alignment with The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop”, “Intro to Agile Product Management”, “Decoding the Enigma of Product Discovery & Feature Prioritization”, “How to Get Your Whole Team Talking”, “Visual Communication for Groups”, “The Agile Database Techniques Stack: Bridging the Agile/Data Cultural Divide”, “Building Large, Mission-Critical Software and Systems with SAFe 4.0”, “Organizational Agility: It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon”, “Just Enough: Minimally Viable Agile”, “Agile Testing Maturity – What does “Good” Look Like?”. Web site: Location for the Agile2016 conference: Atlanta, GA, USA
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Blueprint Storyteller Helps Agile Teams Create User Stories

Devx: Latest Published Articles - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 14:59
The tool aims to streamline agile software development.
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Prometheus 1.0 Offers Open Source Cloud and Container Monitoring

Devx: Latest Published Articles - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 14:57
The tool could help enterprises manage container-based cloud computing environments.
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The Changing World of Business Procurement | @CloudExpo #AI #Cloud #MachineLearning

Java Developer's Journal - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 13:45
Machine learning, cloud services, and artificial intelligence-enabled human agents are all combining to change the way that companies can order services, buy goods, and even hire employees and contractors. To learn more about how new trends are driving innovation into invoicing and spend management, please join me in welcoming Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Azul Partners, where he leads the Spend Matters Procurement research activities. The discussion is moderated by me, Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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Consumers Tap Social Media When Shopping

eWeek - Application Development - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 13:00
New research on buying habits finds that 81 percent of consumers frequently buy items they’ve seen shared on social media.
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Software Development Tools Directory - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 08:11 is an open-source C/C++ package manager. It allows to install existing packages in any platform (Win, Linux, Mac), build and release your own packages (C, C++ and Go) with the same tool and perform an instant upload, by version, author a ...
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Software Development Tools Directory - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 08:07
TestCaseLab is a tool for manual QA engineers. It allows you to follow most of the testing activities: creating test cases, categorizing them, gathering them in test plan and starting test runs. Easily link your bug-tracking system: JIRA Atlassia ...
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