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Microsoft MVPs in the .NET Know

We love our Microsoft MVPs. They are a great resource for our .NET community. Did you know that we also offer free NFR licenses to you if you are one? Before you go, check out these two Microsoft MVPs helping make our community better one line of code at a time.

Lorenzo Maiorfi

ncover_mvp_lorenzo_maiorfi_twitterLorenzo has been a developer since first personal computers made an appearance in the 80s. He wrote his first programs on Sinclair Spectrum, TI-64, Commodore 64 and MSX. Later on as time progressed (as did the tech, he naturally became fond of C/C++ development targeted to Commodore Amiga and first x86 PCs running Windows 3.1

This Microsoft MVP now spends his time as a developer for Innovactive Engineering s.r.l., a Microsoft Partner company based in Perugia, Italy, that he co-founded in 1999. He also is one of the co-founders of the Italian community about .NET Micro Framework and embedded development in general:

At this time, he spends a considerable part of his free-time doing “lab” on PIC, AVR, ARM, PLC, XMOS, Cypress PSoC, FPGA/CPLD, MSP430, Propeller, etc. Check him out on his blog and follow him on twitter at@maiorfi.

Gordon Beeming

ncover_mvp_gordon_beeming_twitterGordon is a Software Developer at Derivco in the sunny city of Durban, South Africa. He is also a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM and a Visual Studio ALM Ranger.

He spends most his time hacking away at the keyboard in Visual Studio or with his family relaxing. He is a push it to the limits kind of guy when it comes to work and play (and sometimes those overlap).

He is an excellent resource to keep up on new ways to use your favorite tools. His blog is and you can follow him on Twitter at @gordonbeeming.

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Progress Appoints Sean Doherty as Chief Sales Officer, Worldwide Sales, Application Development and Deployment

Progress Software News - Mon, 03/30/2015 - 09:03
Progress Appoints Sean Doherty as Chief Sales Officer, Worldwide Sales, Application Development and Deployment
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Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries

Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries

code_coverage_regulated_industryIn a previous post, Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry, we discussed the role a governing organization such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration plays in providing guidance for software development companies in the medical device software industry. Specifically, we reviewed the implications of software validation and code coverage and the prevalence of software defects when changes were made after the initial introduction of the software product. We also discussed how those defects, and the costs and risks associated with them, can be reduced through a well-structured code coverage and software validation process.

Key Code Coverage Metrics

In this post, we will review section 5.2.5 of the General Principles of Software Validation as issued by the FDA and the specific metrics that can be used to ensure compliance.  This is not a full or exhaustive list, but rather a summary of three key coverage metrics presented by the FDA, how the FDA defines them, and how they can be analyzed when using NCover to collect code coverage on your .NET applications.

Statement Coverage (Sequence Point Coverage)

Statement Coverage – This criteria requires sufficient test cases for each program statement to be executed at least once; however, its achievement is insufficient to provide confidence in a software product’s behavior.

regulated_sequence_point_coverageIn NCover, Statement Coverage can be tracked for .NET applications with Sequence Point Coverage.  Sequence Point Coverage is a base code coverage metric that tracks each sequence point of code and calculates the percentage of sequence points covered during the testing of the application.  Although it does not take into consideration multiple branches or conditions, it is a particularly useful metric for tracking down specific portions of code that may be impacting overall coverage.

Decision (Branch) Coverage

Decision (Branch) Coverage – This criteria requires sufficient test cases for each program decision or branch to be executed so that each possible outcome occurs at least once. It is considered to be a minimum level of coverage for most software products, but decision coverage alone is insufficient for high-integrity applications.

regulated_branch_coverageThe definition of Decision Coverage correlates with NCover’s Branch Coverage. Branch Coverage measures the fraction of independent code segments that were executed. Independent code segments are sections of code that have no branches into or out of them. Each independent code segment is a section of code that you would expect to execute in its entirety every time it is run. Branch coverage is one of several key metrics for determining how well the code base for a .NET application has been tested.

Condition Coverage

Condition Coverage – This criteria requires sufficient test cases for each condition in a program decision to take on all possible outcomes at least once. It differs from branch coverage only when multiple conditions must be evaluated to reach a decision.

regulated_condition_coverageCondition Coverage is another standard code coverage metric that was first added to NCover in Version 5. NCover added Condition Coverage to highlight scenarios when sets of branches can be followed, but not through all the possible conditions that lead to that branch. This is most helpful when a method is executed under coverage by multiple tests. These tests together may cover the entire method from a branch coverage perspective, but still not meet all conditions.

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Oracle Learning Cloud Unveiled at Oracle HCM World

Oracle Database News - Fri, 03/27/2015 - 14:00
Oracle Learning Cloud Unveiled at Oracle HCM WorldNew standard for learning designed for digital workforce helps employees learn contextually and socially from wherever they are

ORACLE HCM WORLD, WASHINGTON, DC – March 27, 2015 – Digital disruption is impacting all aspects of the workforce. Today, employees expect the same capabilities at work that they get in the consumer world. Unveiled today at Oracle HCM World in Washington, DC, Oracle has introduced Oracle Learning Cloud to help shift the corporate learning paradigm to one that enables employees at all levels to learn contextually and socially regardless of their location.

Creating a new standard in enterprise learning, the new Oracle Learning Cloud reflects changing user preferences as digital natives join the workforce. Designed for the way people learn today, the next generation learning solution goes beyond traditional learning management systems to provide today’s digital workforce with better access to content, within context, shared by subject experts, and backed by the power of the Oracle Cloud.

“To adapt and succeed in today’s digital workforce, HR and business leaders must simplify the employee experience and enable connections anywhere and via any device, personalize information and communicate it in a way that is relevant for their job, and create a culture where employees want to share their knowledge and encourage them to engage with each other in new and creative ways,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president, Oracle HCM Development. “The new Oracle Learning Cloud helps companies provide employees with a consumer-like experience to help retain and develop the talent they need to be successful.”

Traditional learning management systems have historically been prescriptive, often delivering information in silos, without integration to core HR, talent management, and social platforms. To help develop today’s digital workforce and create the leaders of tomorrow, the new Oracle Learning Cloud, part of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) enables HR and business leaders to offer curated and referral-based learning. With Oracle Learning Cloud, HR and business leaders can source content from both internal and external sources, including YouTube and Massive Open Online Courses (MooCs). Understanding that user-generated content and crowd-sourced information is king in the consumer world, Oracle designed its Oracle Learning Cloud to be social, contextual, intelligent, scalable and secure.

Social: It enables employees to capture, share and collaborate around best practices using rich media. It allows subject matter experts to build their own reputation by empowering them to create, assemble, and publish high quality content, and encourages social recommendations and discovery. Contextual: It allows organizations to provide real time, in-line learning to their employees. Intelligent: It has a recommendation engine that delivers personalized learning recommendations based on more than 100 person, job, and enterprise attributes. Scalable and Secure: With Oracle Cloud, it has the technical infrastructure needed to support transcoding and bit-rate adaptive stream (like YouTube and Netflix) so that employees can publish and consume from any modern device, from any network, such as 3G, 4G, or Wi-fi.

With the Oracle Cloud as its foundation, the new Oracle Learning Cloud also provides all of the compliance and administration features of traditional learning management systems.

Additional Information Learn more about Oracle HCM by following us on Twitter and Facebook Learn more about Oracle HCM WorldAbout Oracle

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit


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Oracle Brings Modern Customer Experience to Las Vegas

Oracle Database News - Fri, 03/27/2015 - 13:00
Oracle Brings Modern Customer Experience to Las VegasMarketing, Service, Sales, and Commerce thought leaders will share best practices for providing integrated, seamless, and differentiated customer experiencesRedwood Shores, Calif. – March 27, 2015

To help marketing, customer service, sales, and commerce professionals embrace modern customer experience (CX) best practices, Oracle will host the Modern Customer Experience Conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 31-April 2. Held at the Venetian Hotel and Resort, the conference features CX thought leaders and the industry’s largest vendor-driven marketing-focused event, Oracle Modern Marketing Experience. The conference also includes dedicated events for customer service, sales, and commerce professionals.

Oracle Modern Marketing Experience attendees will gain knowledge and experience to make a difference in their companies and careers through insights from experts in marketing automation, social marketing, content marketing, and big data. The event will include three days of immersive sessions covering the strategies and tactics needed to make modern marketing succeed, as well as an exclusive, invitation-only CMO Experience program.

The Modern Customer Experience Conferences also includes Modern Commerce Experience, which will focus on delivering omnichannel e-commerce experiences; Modern Sales Experience, which will focus on business goals and technologies that can help sales teams create unique and engaging customer experiences that drive revenue; and Modern Service Experience, where attendees will learn about engaging customers, empowering employees and adapting quickly to constantly changing business and customer needs.

Oracle Modern Customer Experience Highlights: Inspiring keynotes: The opening keynote will feature insights from Oracle CEO Mark Hurd; best-selling author Daniel Pink; Oracle Marketing Cloud Senior Vice President and General Manager Kevin Akeroyd; and actor and filmmaker James Franco. Strong lineup of speakers: The conference also features speakers from key analyst firms including Gartner, Forrester Research, Aberdeen Group, Constellation Research, IDC, Ventana Research and Nucleus Research; executives from Oracle customers such as LinkedIn, Intuit, eHarmony, Symantec and Harley-Davidson; as well as sessions from Oracle Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy and Design Brian Curran; and Oracle Sales Cloud Vice President of Product Management Scott Creighton. Wide variety of content: Access more than 200 high-quality sessions, deep-dive training sessions, and expert keynotes covering marketing, sales, customer service and commerce, plus partner demos. Networking opportunities: Oracle’s experiential welcome reception on Tuesday, March 31 at 5:30 p.m. PT, gives attendees an opportunity to network with peers, Oracle partners, and industry influencers. Learn from the best: The 2015 Markie Awards reception and ceremony will showcase examples of excellence in modern marketing on Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 p.m. PT. Modern Service Experience will also recognize service innovators during a morning customer appreciation award ceremony on Wednesday, April 1. Party with peers: Oracle’s customer appreciation event (on Wednesday, April 1 at 9:30 p.m. PT in the Venetian Ballroom) will offer attendees a night of great music, fine food and drink, and more opportunities to connect with peers from around the world; and will feature GRAMMY-award-winning One Republic.

“To meet the ever increasing demands of today’s customers, marketing, commerce, sales and customer service professionals must be able to quickly and easily access customer data from a variety of sources and deliver the right messages to the right people, at the right time,” said Aaron Shidler, vice president, product development, Oracle. “With integration at the center of Oracle’s customer experience platform, Oracle Modern Customer Experience will offer insights into trends and best practices to help enhance customer engagement across all touchpoints.”

Additional Information Learn more about Oracle Modern Customer Experience Conferences, including Modern Marketing Experience, Modern Service Experience, Modern Sales Experience, and Modern Commerce Experience. Interested in attending? Register here. For more information on Oracle Customer Experience solutions, visit the Oracle Customer Experience blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Learn more about Oracle Marketing Cloud and its comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, including Oracle Responsys, Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle Data Management Platform, Oracle Social Cloud, and Oracle AppCloud. For more information on Oracle Marketing Cloud, visit the Oracle Marketing Cloud blog, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit


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Polarion 2015 Delivers Visual Reporting, Variant Management, Enhanced Security and More

Polarion Software - Fri, 03/27/2015 - 12:07
Announcing the release of version 2015 of the Polarion Platform.
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Introducing Polarion 2015: What’s New and Noteworthy

Polarion Software - Fri, 03/27/2015 - 12:05
Polarion VP for Product Management, Jiri Wlek, shows you what's new and cool in the latest Polarion release: Polarion 2015
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Change and Configuration Management in a nutshell

Intland Blog - Fri, 03/27/2015 - 11:06
The Features of Change and Configuration Management tools that enable Large enterprise to scale Agile development to multi-team environments are the features of distributed version control (DVCS) tools such as GIT or Mecurial and document management features. As tools for
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Neo4j 2.2 NoSQL Graph Database Released

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 18:21
Neo Technology has announced the immediate availability of Neo4j 2.2, with major updates allowing organizations to derive maximum value from their data relationships. Enhancements in Neo4j 2.2 include significantly improved read and write perform ...
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ActiveState Released Komodo IDE 9

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 18:13
ActiveState has released Komodo IDE 9. Komodo is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, Node.js, Go language, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, and a variety of other languages and frameworks. The new Komodo IDE 9 ...
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Azul Systems Introduces Zulu Embedded Builds of OpenJDK

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 18:08
Azul has launched Zulu Embedded, a new offering for developers and manufacturers in the embedded, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) markets requiring 100% open source, customizable, reduced-footprint, and standards compliant Java SE runtimes an ...
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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio Released

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 17:20
Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio (NTVS) is now available for download! NTVS is a free, open source extension for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 that turns Visual Studio into a Node.js IDE. NTVS 1.0 supports the free Visual Studio Co ...
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Orasi Software Expands Its Software Testing Toolkit

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 17:17
Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based quality assurance software reseller and professional services company, announced it is expanding its line of software testing utilities. With the addition of the upcoming OPTIC (Orasi Performance Test Intelligence ...
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Reach the next level - NEW Ranorex Advanced Training Course Latest News - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 10:00
Have you been looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your automated tests using the Ranorex tools but haven’t had the time or experience to take advantage of some of the more sophisticated functionality Ranorex has to offer?

We are happy to announce a new offering how you can reach the next level of Ranorex competency with our advanced training course:

What:This 2-day course is geared towards existing Ranorex users who would like to gain a deeper understanding on key aspects like Object Recognition using RanoreXpath and Ranorex Spy, Ranorex Object Repository optimization, Ranorex API usage, plus much more! You will reduce maintenance and increase functionality while learning best practices to customize Ranorex and collaborate in a team environment. The content is technology agnostic and you will benefit from this training regardless of the type of UI you are automating with Ranorex.When:The course dates are April 28-29, 2015 and June 16-17, 2015. Stay tuned for additional dates later in 2015.Where:At the Ranorex North American Headquarters in Clearwater, FL. This will allow us to provide a more personal interaction and attention to each attendee to cover advanced topics. The advanced training course will not be offered online. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to visit the Sunshine state and are hosting the training at our corporate office. This allows you to engage with the Ranorex team for a more individual learning experience through a combination of presentations, hands-on exercises and group discussions.Cost:Registration for the 2-day training is $1,395 per person. Space is limited, so reserve your seat now!Registration: Right this way please or contact our sales team for a quote.
Additional information can be found in the course description and curriculum . Please be aware of the necessary prerequisites to attending this training course.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have.
We look forward to seeing you in one of our advanced classes soon!

Look at the schedules for additional workshops in the next few months:

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PPD, a Leading Global Contract Research Organization, Reduces Costs of Clinical Trials by Migrating Data to the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud

Oracle Database News - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 06:07
PPD, a Leading Global Contract Research Organization, Reduces Costs of Clinical Trials by Migrating Data to the Oracle Health Sciences CloudPPD gains real-time and actionable insight into studies with simplified data exchange and monitoring through the cloud

ORACLE INDUSTRY CONNECT, WASHINGTON DC—March 26, 2015—Contract research organizations (CROs) are constantly looking for ways to improve project oversight and reduce costs while adding value and simplifying data exchange—especially in complex clinical trials involving multiple CRO partners. Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD), a leading global CRO, looked to Oracle Health Sciences Cloud for a solution. PPD is the first CRO to migrate trials from an onsite installation of Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System to Siebel Clinical Trial Management System Cloud Service—creating a highly available, centralized-trial database that lowers costs, simplifies the management and improves the accuracy of multi-CRO clinical trial data, and accelerates studies. Ovum recognized Siebel Clinical Trial Management System as a market leader in its “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a CTMS Solution, 2013–14” report.

“Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System Cloud Service dramatically simplifies how we manage study data and communicate with clients, especially in studies involving multiple CROs,” said Andrew Masters, vice president of enterprise information management, PPD. “Clients can now access study data through Oracle’s Siebel cloud Service, so we no longer need to send data back and forth to them, saving us time, reducing the cost of studies and creating better results for our clients.”

Using Siebel Clinical Trial Management System Cloud Service with a standardized clinical trial management system (CTMS) configuration, PPD migrated data from 124 studies to the Oracle Health Sciences Cloud in just six weeks, achieving rapid time to value. In addition, the organization is reducing the in-house resources needed to support these trials by using the cloud to simplify the exchange of data for multi-CRO studies. With the highly available and secure monitoring cloud, PPD and trial sponsors gain actionable insight into studies to accelerate clinical development while reducing trial costs and risk.

“Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System Cloud Service delivers comprehensive clinical trial management with all the performance, scalability, and cost benefits of Oracle Health Sciences Cloud,” said Steve Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “The success of PPD, one of the world’s largest CROs, in rapidly migrating data from an on-premises environment to Siebel Clinical Trial Management System Cloud Service demonstrates the flexibility of the solution and its ability to simplify data exchange, ultimately leading to more-efficient clinical trial management.”

Siebel Clinical Trial Management System combines standardized, comprehensive clinical trial capabilities, integrated analytics tools, and unsurpassed data security with a cloud service that lets organizations effectively and economically manage clinical trial activities and improve CRO and sponsor relationships from early to late-stage clinical trials.

Validating Oracle’s industry leadership, Ovum, a leading IT research and analyst group, has positioned Siebel Clinical Trial Management System as a market leader in its “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a CTMS Solution, 2013–14” report based on “its market share, breadth of offering, and long-term vision.” This report compares products of the top five CTMS vendors to help life sciences organizations better understand the CTMS vendor landscape. Siebel Clinical Trial Management System led the technology assessment category, scoring highest in breadth of offering, usability, development, and reporting.

“Ovum designates a market leader as having established a commanding market position with a product that is widely accepted as best of breed and worthy of a place on most technology selection shortlists,” said Andrew Brosnan, senior analyst, Ovum Health Sciences team. “Oracle’s support for mobile CRAs, risk-based monitoring platform, and integration with its Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics product differentiates its offering from the rest of the market.”

Additional Information

Join the Oracle Health Sciences community on Facebook and follow @OracleHealthSci on Twitter.

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Kanban or Scrum – Is Scrum for Developers and Kanban for IT Support?

Intland Blog - Wed, 03/25/2015 - 17:11
Watch this webinar recording to learn about the fundamentals of the two most popular Agile approaches: Scrum and Kanban. The webinar explains why, how and when these are best used, and the benefits commonly associated with their use. The video
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Kanban or Scrum – Is Scrum for developers and Kanban for IT support?

Intland Blog - Wed, 03/25/2015 - 17:00
What you can learn: In this webinar, you’ll have a chance to learn about the Agile approaches of Scrum and Kanban. After an introduction, we’ll delve deeper in the details of these approaches, find out how they work and when
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Why ALM Maturity is Key to Your Company’s Success

Intland Blog - Wed, 03/25/2015 - 15:48
In previous posts on the Intland blog, we have thoroughly discussed How the Internet of Things is Changing the Definition of Product. In a nutshell, IoT connectivity enables products to offer never before seen services, unlocking great opportunities for companies.
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Progress Software Announces Details for Fiscal First Quarter 2015 Earnings Release and Conference Call

Progress Software News - Wed, 03/25/2015 - 14:03
Progress Software Announces Details for Fiscal First Quarter 2015 Earnings Release and Conference Call
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Primavera Launches Project Portfolio Management Cloud Services Accelerators for Financial Services, Public Sector, and Engineering and Construction Industries

Oracle Database News - Wed, 03/25/2015 - 13:12
Primavera Launches Project Portfolio Management Cloud Services Accelerators for Financial Services, Public Sector, and Engineering and Construction IndustriesOracle’s new accelerators enable organizations to manage the lifecycle of initiatives, projects, programs, and contracts using rich functional capabilities, built-in industry best practices, and the power of the cloud
ORACLE INDUSTRY CONNECT – Washington DC – March 25, 2015

Organizations across industries are managing unprecedented change, whether due to increasing regulations, shifting competitive environments, or the need to constantly innovate. And these companies all have two things in common—any transformation must happen quickly, and the solutions deployed must be finely tuned to match how they work. In response to this need, Oracle has launched three new cloud services accelerators for enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) in the financial services, public sector, and engineering and construction industries. Combining the proven history of Oracle’s Primavera products with Oracle’s cloud expertise, these purpose-built accelerators enable organizations to effectively address the challenges associated with managing project, program, portfolio, and contract lifecycles in their respective industries.

“Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all project and contract management tools. Our customers need cloud-based, specialized solutions that fit how they do business, get them up and running quickly with industry best practices, and provide the flexibility and power to change and grow with their needs. That’s why we have launched these three process- and industry-specific accelerators. With this announcement, we are looking to the cloud as the catalyst that will enable our customers to use EPPM to transform their organizations at the speed that they demand,” said Mike Sicilia, senior vice president and general manager, Primavera Global Business Unit, Oracle.

The three new cloud services accelerators include:

Oracle Business Process Portfolio Management Cloud Accelerator: To support financial institutions’ business transformation, continuous process improvement, and regulatory compliance change management, this accelerator provides end-to-end functionalities for managing, tracking, and executing service innovation initiatives, operational projects, and process changes across the enterprise. It complements the analytics capabilities of governance, risk, and compliance applications such as Oracle Financial Services Operational Risk, creating a comprehensive change management solution for the financial services industry.
Oracle Public Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Accelerator: Governments at all levels are investing in infrastructure projects to improve quality of life for constituents while also reducing waste and improving efficiencies. To best manage these complex undertakings, this accelerator provides top-down project planning and bottom-up monitoring, enhancing the effectiveness of infrastructure changes for any type of government management—from federated to centralized. Oracle Contract Management Cloud Accelerator: In the engineering and construction business, projects are a team effort—contractors and owner organizations need to coordinate and collaborate to control contract management and keep costs in line with project expectations. This accelerator provides these organizations with preconfigured, flexible rules and processes, enabling them to quickly start managing contracts and controlling change throughout the project lifecycle with a system that allows for future business growth and expanded requirements.

At Oracle Industry Connect in Washington DC, these accelerators will be on display and discussed in the conference’s Primavera track, which begins with a keynote on Wednesday, March 25, from 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Additional Information

To learn more about Oracle’s Primavera solutions, connect on Twitter at @OracleEPPM and on Facebook at

About Oracle

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