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From Agile Hangover to Antifragile Organisations

Scrum Expert - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 18:37
Many organisations have been swept up in agile process adoption, with good reasons! The Agile Party is coming to a close and many organisations are now beginning to look at where they are and have come to the disheartening realisation that, rather than in a new world of embracing change and competitiveness, they have a lot of new processes, not much to show for it, and people are disillusioned enough to begin to revert to older, familiar ways… This is the unfortunate age of the ‘agile hangover’. In this talk Russ ...
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Agile Coach Camp, Melbourne, Australia, March 21 2015

Scrum Expert - Fri, 03/13/2015 - 14:17
Agile Coach Camp Melbourne is a one-day non-profit un-conference for Agile and Scrum project management coaches in Australia and New Zealand. It allows Agile coaches to get together in a collective learning experience. The agenda of Agile Coach Camp Melbourne follows the Open Space Technology format. Open space is a simple methodology for self-organizing conference tracks. It relies on participation by people who have a passion for the topics to be discussed. There is no preplanned list of topics, only time slots and a space in the main meeting room where ...
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Agile Trends. Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 24-25 2015

Scrum Expert - Thu, 03/12/2015 - 17:47
Agile Trends is a two-day conference focused on Agile and Scrum that takes place in Sao Paolo in Brazil. All the talks are in Portuguese. In the agenda of Agile Trends you can find topics like “Lean Security”, “Customer & Product Discovery in Mobile”, “Scrum of Scrums: Scaling Agile Concepts in Distributed Contexts”, “Agile Tester 3.0″, “Global Agile UX”, “Evolutionary Software Architecture”,” Complexity is Dead: at Least for the End User”. Web site: Location for the Agile Trends conference: Hotel Maksoud Plaza, Alameda Campinas 150, 01404-900 – Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil
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Our First-Ever Virtual Conference on May 14 | Save the Date!

Agile Alliance - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 19:44

Navigating the Future: Emerging Technical Trends and Practices Thursday, May 14 Do you build software? Are you curious about emerging technical trends? Do you wonder what skills to focus on next?  This thought-provoking virtual conference – our first ever! – … Continue reading →

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Release Retrospectives

Scrum Expert - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 15:51
Sprint retrospectives are the most discussed form of retrospectives in Scrum. You can however the same self-analysis and continuous improvement technique to other items of Agile project management. In this article, Madhavi Ledalla discusses release retrospectives. A release is a group of many Scrums sprints that provides a set of features that can be deployed for the customer. The release retrospective provides an opportunity to inspect and adapt the release cycle. The article discusses the participants and the format of these meetings. It also provides a list of common inspection points ...
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AgileIndy, Indianapolis, April 17 2015

Scrum Expert - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 14:50
The AgileIndy Conference is a one-day event focuses on bringing Agile and Scrum thought leaders and practitioners from around the USA to Indianapolis for a great learning and networking experience. In the agenda of the AgileIndy you can find topics like “Agile Cross-Pollination: Growing Agile Adoption at Farm Credit Mid-America “, “Cultivating Agile Requirements”, “Secrets of Agile Estimation: Myths, Math, and Methods”, “Case Study: We Don’t Know Anything About Agile, but Let’s Give it a Try!”, “Framework-Driven Product Management”, “The Show Must Go On: Agile Leadership Lessons Learned from a Life ...
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Agile India, Bangalore, India, March 23-30 2015

Scrum Expert - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 14:47
Agile India is an intense conference lasting four days where you can learn from expert practitioners. You will be also able to network and share your knowledge and experience with over 1500 international participants practicing or exploring Agile and Lean. In the presentation and tutorials of the Agile India 2015 conference, you can find topics like “Coaching for “Best Fit” Agile: Applying the Agile Fluency Model”, “MicroServices: Let’s Build Some!”, Disciplined Agile Delivery in a Nutshell”, “Understanding and Implementing DevOps Flow”, “Succeeding with BDD”. The two main themes of the Agile ...
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Scrum Alliance Announces New Board Member

Scrum Expert - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 14:45
The Scrum Alliance has announced Lisa Hershman as its newest member on the Board of Directors. Lisa is a seasoned business professional, author, and speaker who brings a wealth of real-world experience and an innovative style to her work. She is the founder and CEO of the DeNovo Groupâ„¢, a global consulting, training, and research firm focused on leadership and innovation through process management and redesign. DeNovo is a global leader in process consulting services, whose clients range from the Fortune 500 to a rapidly growing constituency in the nonprofit and ...
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