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The Inner Work of a Scrum Coach

Scrum Expert - Thu, 01/08/2015 - 15:00
This talk provides a is a reflection on what Michael De La Maza has learned as an Agile Coach about communication, emotional stress and team organization. In this talk, Michael De La Maza describes how he: * Learned to communicate through conflict. We will walk through King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” as an illustration of the non-violent belief system. * Reduced the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle time on his biophysiological state by three orders of magnitude. We will examine how to use heart rate as a measure of emotional stress. * Freed himself from financial ...
Categories: Agile

Agilia, Brno, Czech Republic, March 24-25 2015

Scrum Expert - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 14:00
Agilia is the Central European Conference that discusses Agile approaches. Local and international Scrum experts and Agile professionals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Europe and overseas will provide ideas and inspiration, speeches, case studies and workshops. The theme of this year Agilia conference is: Agile in Motion – evolution of activities and experiences, which starts and reinforce agile adoption within organization – and activities, that enable roll out of Agile to other parts of the organization or beyond. This theme will be discussed in presentations, talks, workshops, success stories, case ...
Categories: Agile

Agile Analysis and Self-Selecting Teams in Methods & Tools Winter 2014 issue - Agile Portal - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 11:35
Methods & Tools – the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers – has just published its Winter 2014 issue that discusses Agile Analysis, Self-Selecting Teams, Collaborative DSL, TDD with Mock Objects, BDDfire
Categories: Agile

Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free

Scrum Expert - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 17:00
If the development of open source Scrum tools was in vogue some years ago, a lot of these projects have now been abandoned. Some are still active like IceScrum, but this is because their development is sponsored by a commercial hosted option There is however an alternative to manage your Agile project if you have a low budget… and a small team. Some providers of commercial Scrum tools provide a free version of their software. Only Scrum tools that offer a long term free product are mentioned in this article, not ...
Categories: Agile

Continuous Agile

Scrum Expert - Fri, 12/26/2014 - 17:21
Some companies such as HubSpot or Google have developed techniques that allow small teams to create, test and deploy a continuous stream of releases. These companies are able to harness highly distributed Agile teams and scale to very large projects, while avoiding the tyranny of long meetings, conference calls, detailed estimates and sticky notes. This presentation by Andy Singleton reviews what these leaders have in common and some of the key techniques they have developed, including managing through code contributions (instead of people), test layering, feature “unveils,” and continuous product management. ...
Categories: Agile

VersionOne and Quotium Announce Partnership

Scrum Expert - Mon, 12/22/2014 - 17:30
Quotium, an supplier of security testing solutions, and VersionOne have announced a partnership to enable secure software development as part of VersionOne’s unified development management platform. Companies are moving to agile development methods, continuous integration and process automation to keep up with growing user demand. Agile development provides higher efficiency with reduced development costs. However, security needs to happen as fast as development itself. Quotium helps organizations automate security testing as part of their SDLC to secure their applications at every build and release. Quotium’s approach identifies – automatically and without ...
Categories: Agile

Agile Conference Taiwan, Taipei City, Taiwan, March 27 2015

Scrum Expert - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 17:10
The Agile Conference Taiwan is a one-day event organized by the association Scrum Taiwan User Group p that discusses all aspects of Agile software development and project management with Scrum. The goals of the Agile Conference Taiwan is to increase understanding and usage of Agile methodology, exchange experiences in Agile transformation and practices, develop and grow the Taiwan Agile community. Web site: none Location for the 2014 conference: TABF, 62 Roosevelt Rd., Section 3, Taipei City, Taiwan
Categories: Agile

SolutionsIQ Buys BigVisible

Scrum Expert - Mon, 12/15/2014 - 17:49
SolutionsIQ has announced the acquisition of BigVisible. With nearly 150 Agile consultants, the combined company forms the largest and most experienced Agile consulting firm focused exclusively on enterprise Agile adoption. SolutionsIQ will operate its main offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston in the U.S., and Bangalore in India, while working closely with strategic global partners in the U.S., Asia, EMEA and South America. The company’s customer growth within such industries as IT, financial services, telecom, retail and manufacturing, is largely due to the fact that “business agility” has become increasingly ...
Categories: Agile

Scandinavian Agile, Finland, Helsinki, March 10-11 2015

Scrum Expert - Mon, 12/15/2014 - 15:20
The Scandinavian Agile Conference is a two-day conference taking place in Helsinki and focused on Agile software development and project management using Scrum. It discusses Agile organizations, state of the art in programming practices and Agile coaching. In the agenda of Scandinavian Agile you will find topics like “Transforming the software development industry”, “Clarity before speed: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) applied in practice”, “The best companies are led by dreams. In the future at least.”, “Stop scaling… Start growing an agile organization!”, “NAPA Agile Story: From Zero to Hero in Two Years”, Web site: ...
Categories: Agile

Hansoft 8.2 Released

Scrum Expert - Thu, 12/11/2014 - 18:30
Hansoft has announced the release of the version 8.2 of its Agile software development tool. This release provides improved SSL handling and and makes it possible to add user groups to projects. This update includes support for the last OpenSSL version and the most secure protocol TLS 1.2. Data security is a topic Hansoft does not compromise with and SSL is used in all client server communication. In addition to the security enhancement, this release includes a feature improvement dedicated to administrators for large development environments. It is now find it ...
Categories: Agile

Play4Agile, February 20-23 2015, Frankfurt, Germany

Scrum Expert - Thu, 12/11/2014 - 17:44
The Play4Agile conference is a four-day conference for Agile and Lean coaches, facilitators, game and innovation experts who want to exchange questions, ideas and experiences on using games in teams and organizations. Play4Agile follows an unconference format where the participants can create their own conference, proposing their own discussion topics: sessions, games you want to play, game ideas you want to develop, evening activities. Play4Agile provides an open playground to inspire each other and to learn how using serious games can help us achieve our goals. Play4Agile is a gathering of ...
Categories: Agile

Agile Bangladesh Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 27 2014

Scrum Expert - Mon, 12/08/2014 - 17:30
Agile Bangladesh Conference is a one-day conference that focuses on the use of Agile methodologies in software development projects. It aims to provide a forum for fruitful interactions and discussions among practitioners and researchers. In the agenda of Agile Bangladesh Conference you can find topics like Agile implementation, Agile requirements (user stories), Agile design, Agile testing, Agile and security, tools and applications. The keynotes will discuss “Agile Story Points”, ” How to Integrate Security in Agile Software Development Methods?”. Web site: Location for the 2014 conference: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Categories: Agile