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codeBeamer User Conference 2016

Intland Blog - Thu, 07/07/2016 - 10:00
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Migrating From a Fragmented Tool Environment to Integrated ALM

Intland Blog - Wed, 06/15/2016 - 17:00
Webinar date: Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 Time: 4:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM (ET) / 7:00 AM (PT) Webinar duration: 30 min What you can learn: Using a mix of single-point software tools to aid development is common practice, even
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Agile Requirements Management Best Practices

Intland Blog - Wed, 06/08/2016 - 17:00
Webinar date: Wednesday 8 Jun 2016 Time: 4:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM (ET) / 7:00 AM (PT) Webinar duration: 30 min What you can learn: The evolution of Agile, this increasingly popular modern software development framework, has been driven
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Software Quality Assurance, Testing and Reporting

Intland Blog - Wed, 06/01/2016 - 17:00
Webinar date: Wednesday 1 Jun 2016 Time: 4:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM (ET) / 7:00 AM (PT) Webinar duration: 30 min What you can learn: Software quality is fast becoming the new currency in the development of smart, IoT-connected
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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016

Intland Blog - Tue, 05/31/2016 - 11:00
31 May – 2 June 2016 Stuttgart, Germany Held between 31 May and 2 June 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016 will once again be an important event for automotive developers. Visitors and exhibitors are going
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Polarion Looks Forward to Partnership with OWL University

Polarion Software - 8 hours 32 min ago

Polarion Software looks forward to providing professional services and expertise to SmartFactoryOWL, an initiative of the Fraunhofer-Society and the OWL University of Applied Sciences.

The post Polarion Looks Forward to Partnership with OWL University appeared first on Polarion Software Blog.

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Why Adopt ALM for Safety-Critical Development?

Intland Blog - 11 hours 58 min ago
Webinar date: Wednesday 25 May 2016 Time: 4:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM (ET) / 7:00 AM (PT) Webinar duration: 30 min What you can learn: Heavily regulated industries are difficult areas to develop software for, due to the large
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Application Security: 6 Myths of Open Source Management

Black Duck Software Press Releases - 13 hours 58 min ago
Application Security: 6 Myths of Open Source Managementhleclair Wed, 05/25/2016 - 14:00 Resource Type Webinars Resource Content Move beyond the myths to understand the processes you can implement to reduce risk from security vulnerabilities. Resource Image Resource Link… Resource Topic Security Exclude from resource page No
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Black Duck Releases Free Version of Hub Open Source Security Solution

Black Duck Software Press Releases - 15 hours 3 min ago
Black Duck Releases Free Version of Hub Open Source Security Solutionhleclair Wed, 05/25/2016 - 12:54

Web-based Security Checker allows users to determine if known open source vulnerabilities are in the components used to build applications  

BURLINGTON, MA ‚Äď May 25, 2016 ‚Äď Black Duck, the global leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source software, today released Security Checker, a free, drag-and-drop tool for users to identify known open source security¬†vulnerabilities in¬†their¬†code.

Based on Black Duck’s flagship Hub open source security solution, Security Checker scans the code contained in an uploaded archive file (e.g. .tar, .jar, .zip) or Docker image and provides a report showing the identified open source and related known security vulnerabilities. 

‚ÄúApplications represent the greatest level of risk on the security-threat landscape and we expect that Security Checker scan results will provide an ‚Äėaha moment‚Äô¬†for many open source users,‚ÄĚ said Black Duck CEO Lou Shipley. ‚ÄúTheir findings will focus attention on the need to¬†regularly review application code to ensure it‚Äôs free of known open source¬†vulnerabilities.‚Ä̬†

Open source use is ubiquitous worldwide because it reduces development costs, frees developers to work on higher-level tasks and accelerates time to market. It is the way applications are developed today. ‚ÄúOrganizations definitely want to maximize all the benefits they get from open source, and as open source usage has increased, they‚Äôre realizing that it‚Äôs imperative to secure and manage their open source more effectively,‚ÄĚ said Shipley.

The maximum file size for a Security Checker scan is 100MB and Shipley noted that ‚Äústart to finish the process takes about 15 minutes. It‚Äôs a worthwhile investment of time to get valuable insights into the security of your open source code.‚ÄĚ

Earlier this month Black Duck released a revealing report based on data from open source security audits of 200 commercial applications, conducted by its On-Demand business unit. The report confirms the widespread use of open source in application development and also highlights persistent challenges in securing and managing the open source in use.

Among the findings: 67 percent of the audited applications contained known open source security vulnerabilities; more than one third of the vulnerabilities identified were classified as ‚Äúsevere‚ÄĚ; and 10 percent of the applications contained the Heartbleed vulnerability, which was discovered in April 2014.

Security Checker is available at:


About Black Duck Software

Organizations worldwide use Black Duck Software’s industry-leading products to automate the processes of securing and managing open source software, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, open source license compliance and operational risk. Black Duck is headquartered in Burlington, MA, and has offices in San Jose, CA, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. For more information, visit

Media Contacts:

Black Duck
Brian Carter, Director of Strategic Communications

PAN Communications
Michael O’Connell/ Tiffany Darmetko



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Software AG Announces New webMethods DevOps Edition

Software Development Tools Directory - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 20:47
Software AG has announced the availability of its new webMethods DevOps Edition for continuous development, testing, integration and deployment, with low to zero failure rates. The purpose of webMethods DevOps Edition is to help developers write ...
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Confluent Simplifies Stream Processing Development With Kafka Streams

Software Development Tools Directory - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 19:53
Confluent, founded by the creators of Apache Kafka, has announced the general availability of open source Confluent Platform 3.0. The new release introduces Kafka Streams, a powerful, lightweight solution to real-time processing designed to power ...
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JFrog Introduces Xray for DevOps

Software Development Tools Directory - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 19:48
JFrog has introduced its fourth and newest product, JFrog Xray, which gives organizations unprecedented visibility into the contents of software components. The announcement represents a major advancement in improving development and DevOps and ...
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Lucidchart Releases UML Sequence Diagram Markup Tool

Software Development Tools Directory - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 19:20
Lucid Software, the company behind the bestselling online diagramming app Lucidchart, has announced the release of the UML Sequence Markup tool as a feature now available in Lucidchart.
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Inside Ranorex Knowledge & Expert Talk Latest News - Tue, 05/24/2016 - 13:40
A Test Automation Podcast

Why is Ranorex the ideal tool for testers and developers? What is the Ranorex API? How can agile teams benefit from Ranorex? Questions you may have already asked yourself and the renowned test automation architect, avid blogger and podcaster, Joe Colantonio has now discussed with our Ranorex Head of Sales, Christoph Preschern, and Product Manager, Roland Enzinger.

In Joe’s podcast, they talk about topics such as:

  • Test automation trends
  • Test automation in an agile environment
  • Ranorex and Selenium
  • How to test dynamic user interfaces
  • The Ranorex API

We didn’t want to give it all away, so here are just a few questions Joe has asked our test automation experts:

Do you have any examples of where your customers are currently using Ranorex?
Many of our customers are using different types of technologies. One of our key USPs is the broad support of different technologies. Think about .NET based applications, Java based applications, ERP Systems like SAP, Oracle Forms, or mobile applications. On mobile devices you might have hybrid, native and mobile web applications. Ranorex allows you to combine all technologies within one test. Many of our customers are doing end-to-end test automation. Just take an online bookstore as an example. Using Ranorex, you can simulate adding a book to an ERP system, then simulate a user looking for a book on a mobile device, adding it to the wish list and, in the next step, accessing the wish list as well as purchasing the book from the webpage using a computer. Finally, at the end of the loop, you can verify whether the book has been correctly removed from the ERP system. Scenarios like these can easily be created in one test case with Ranorex.

Does Ranorex integrate with any version control system?
Ranorex Studio directly integrates with Git, Subversion and Team Foundation Server. You can easily use any other file based version control system outside of Ranorex Studio, as the entire Ranorex project structure is file based.

Do you only support UI based technologies or also any type of API REST testing?
Besides the UI, there’s an increasing demand for web service test automation, and it’s always worth to combine UI tests with API tests. This is possible within Ranorex Studio, as you can create your web service tests based on existing libraries from the .NET framework.

How should a team get started with test automation?
It’s important to know which test cases should be automated first. That’s why it’s essential to have an understanding of testing in general. You shouldn’t just automate any test case. You need to consider which test cases are executed the most, as the return on investment is linked to the number of times a test is executed. When introducing a team to test automation, you need to think about who is doing the automation and which test cases to automate. At Ranorex we offer free online webinars, videos and written instructions to inform people on how to get started with test automation, provide useful tips and best practices. For those who have mastered the test automation basics and want to proof their knowledge, we also offer a Ranorex Certificate.

Listen to Joe Colantonio’s Podcast

The post Inside Ranorex Knowledge & Expert Talk appeared first on Ranorex Blog.

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Software Development Tools Directory - Mon, 05/23/2016 - 13:42
ReqView is a hosted requirements management tool with which you can easily create structured requirements documents and collaborate on document review in your team.
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Software Development Tools Directory - Mon, 05/23/2016 - 13:37
Scrumpy is a free real-time, web-based Scrum tool, designed to skyrocket your Scrum team’s productivity. Scrumpy servers as an all-in-one solution, as well as an auxiliary tool which supports even teams who only want to visualize their work via a ...
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Getting Started with codeBeamer

Intland Blog - Mon, 05/23/2016 - 09:00
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Managing Business Processes with codeBeamer’s SAP Integration

Intland Blog - Fri, 05/20/2016 - 08:57
codeBeamer ALM now offers integration with SAP, ensuring data consistency and adequate process management using both tools. The German company SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software. Its solutions aim to help enterprises manage various business processes, customer
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Alliance between Gradle and JetBrains

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 19:30
Why is this important? Historically, build automation has relied on simplistic shell scripts or inflexible XML files. This no longer works. In the age of Continuous Delivery and DevOps, builds have become a full-fledged engineering discipline. To ...
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RethinkDB Creates Horizon Software Development Platform

Software Development Tools Directory - Thu, 05/19/2016 - 19:13
RethinkDB is announcing that it has created Horizon, a brand new JavaScript application platform, specifically designed for agile teams or enterprises building and running real-time web, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.
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