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The Internet of Things and Open Source

Black Duck Software Press Releases - Thu, 10/09/2014 - 19:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing at a tremendous rate, steadily outpacing desktop and mobile computing – by 2020, over 50 billion intelligent devices (Cisco) will connect to and exchange information over the Internet (vs. a projected 7.3 billion tablets, smartphones and PCs - Gartner), with an economic impact of nearly US$2 trillion (Gartner).  This huge cohort of “things” comprises staggering diversity, from recognizable computers down to sensors and light switches and thermostats, as well as the infrastructure needed to support them. The impact of the IoT will span the gamut of industries and applications, including media, entertainment, medical, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer electronics, transportation and energy, And, like the existing Internet, the emerging IoT will rely upon and instigate adoption of open source technologies and open standards. 

Join this webinar with Nigel Simpson, Director of Architecture at The Walt Disney Company, Liat Ben-Zur, Senior Director of Product Management atQualcomm and Andrew Aitken, Global Open Source Practice Leader at Wipro as they explain their vision for the evolution of IoT technology, IoT business models and the role of open source, and propose a timeline for implementation. 

This webinar will cover:

  • The role and reach of Open Source Software in building and sustaining the IoT, from infrastructure to applications and other value-added device content. 
  • How OSS can support competing and complementary architectures and meet the looming challenges of security, privacy and intellectual property on this new digital frontier.
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Open Source Projects and Foundations: A User’s Guide - Part 2

Black Duck Software Press Releases - Tue, 09/30/2014 - 16:30

Even companies that were very hesitant to embrace open source a few short years ago are now seeing the value of actively participating in open, collaborative communities and, in some cases, even starting their own projects.  In order to get the most out of your participation and avoid missteps you need to understand community norms and expectations in general as well as with respect to the specific projects in which you chose to participate.  It is a different way of thinking about value - both in terms of what you give and what you receive.  Giving back to the open source community is not a charitable contribution; it is a savvy business practice.   But recognizing that the coin of the realm in an open source community is trust is key to understanding its operation. 

Wherever your company is on the continuum of open source adoption and whatever your company’s role in the community — contributor, consumer, participant or founder — it important to understand the function of projects and foundations.

Join Karen Copenhaver, Partner at Choate Hall & Stewart and Counsel for the Linux Foundation and Mark Radcliffe, Partner at DLA Piperand General Counsel for the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in the last of this two-part series that will focus on projects and foundations from the perspective of a consumer: 

  • Contribution structures
  • How to evaluate a project
  • When it makes sense to get deeply involved and when it makes sense for your company to financially support a project or foundation.
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Simplify Project Planning with Our New Project Browser

Intland Blog - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 17:00
Date and time: Sept 25, 2014 – 16.00 CET Webinar duration: 20 minutes What you can learn: Project Planning is one of the most critical parts of successful project execution, whatever methods are applied. Working Agile means strong collaboration, focusing on
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Building Scalable OSS Workflow Approvals with FINRA

Black Duck Software Press Releases - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 16:30

Open source software (OSS) helps development organizations work faster and more securely while reducing costs. Knowing what code is used and approved for use and reuse lets developers write the most innovative, secure code while avoiding potential legal, operational, and security risks.
FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, developed its own OSS approval workflow process to manage the development of hundreds of internal applications. As OSS use continued to grow, the workflow process itself and the lack of intelligent code cataloging became a hindrance to developers. Join this webinar with Kostas Gaitanos, Senior Director at FINRA, and Black Duck Software, who will discuss:

  • The challenges and benefits of achieving OSS compliance
  • How to build a scalable OSS approval workflow
  • Manual vs. automated approval processes
  • Creating and maintaining a code catalog – how to inventory your code
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Legal Seminar with Bird & Bird Milan

Black Duck Software Press Releases - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 10:55

Please register for this event:

Event Dates:  Thursday, October 2, 2014 Location:  Milan
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Tokutek TokuDB v7.5 Improves Big Data Performance for MySQL and MariaDB

Tokutek has announced TokuDB v7.5 with new read-free replication, multi-directories hot backup, and increased use of bulk fetch capabilities that improve the speed and scalability of MySQL and MariaDB and make them even more attractive big data s ...
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WANdisco Git MultiSite Adds GitLab Support

WANdisco announced a strategic partnership with GitLab. Git MultiSite for GitLab will enable large distributed development teams using Git to deploy GitLab for collaboration and code review with the performance, scalability, and automated disast ...
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Azul Systems Launches Zulu for Docker

Azul Systems has announced that its OpenJDK-based Zulu 8 offering is now freely available on Docker. Zulu 8 is a 100% open source, fully tested, compatibility verified, and trusted binary distribution of the OpenJDK 8 platform. Azul has also made ...
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Speed Development, Gain Control, Manage IP and Security Risk

Black Duck Software Press Releases - 8 hours 38 min ago

Join JFrog and Black Duck Experts for a Discussion on Seamless Build Integration

As organizations continue to increase their use of open source software to speed development, the dependency on external code adds new challenges to the development process. Common issues that get in the way can be easily avoided with effective open source usage and management practices.

The integration between Black Duck Code Center and Artifactory offers you an automated, non-invasive approach to the open source component approval process. It also allows proactive monitoring for security vulnerabilities that may be associated with specific binary components. License, security vulnerability, and approval status information are pulled from the Black Duck Knowledge Base.

Join Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocate at JFrog, and Richard Sherrard, Senior Product Manager at Black Duck, in this last of athree-part series, as they review strategies for ensuring the right open source binaries end up in your build, quickly walk through the integration of Artifactory Pro and the Black Duck Suite, and take audience questions on integration strategies and best practices.

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Polarion 2014 SR2 – New and Noteworthy

Polarion Software - 11 hours 39 min ago
Polarion Software announces Service Release 2 (SR2) for Polarion version 2014 (Polarion ALM, Polarion REQUIREMENTS, and Polarion QA).
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Dong-A ST Builds Global Pharmacovigilance System with Oracle Argus Safety

Oracle Database News - 12 hours 8 min ago
Dong-A ST Builds Global Pharmacovigilance System with Oracle Argus SafetyIntegrated safety management system powers data-driven decisions and scales to support international expansionRedwood Shores, Calif. – September 23, 2014News Summary

Dong-A ST, a South Korean pharmaceutical company planning an international market expansion, needed to digitize and streamline safety information management from pharmacovigilance processes in order to optimize global regulatory compliance and drive better decision making. The company deployed Oracle Argus Safety as its pharmacovigilance platform, enabling it to rapidly and efficiently create regulatory reports and easily grow to support its expansion strategy.

News Facts To support its growth plan, Dong-A ST used Oracle Argus Safety to create a database containing comprehensive safety data from its pharmacovigilance process. Pharmacovigilance is the scientific discipline that focuses on drug safety. With Oracle Argus Safety, Dong-A ST then digitized safety data collected from its pharmacovigilance processes, eliminating time-consuming manual data consolidation. Streamlining the process helped Dong-A ST’s executives make faster, data-driven safety management decisions across its product portfolio. The Oracle solution’s integrated database management, standardized workflows, and automated reporting also helped the company rapidly and efficiently create reports to support domestic and international regulatory compliance, including safety information management requirements. This is the first implementation of Oracle Argus Safety in South Korea, giving Dong-A ST a competitive advantage via an integrated system for managing safety information that can scale to support international expansion efforts. Dong-A ST selected Oracle Argus Safety in November 2013. Dong-A selected TAKE Solutions as its implementation partner based on that company’s deep experience with Oracle Argus Safety. A Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), TAKE worked effectively with Dong-A in all aspects of installation, data migration, and validation. Supporting Quote “Dong-A ST is the first South Korean pharmaceutical company to deploy Oracle’s industry-leading pharmacovigilance solution, Oracle Argus Safety. The company created an integrated system for managing safety information, helping it gain a competitive advantage in its market segment,” said Steve Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.Supporting Resources Oracle in Health Sciences Oracle Argus Safety Standard Edition Oracle Argus Cloud Service Expanded to Help Life Sciences Organizations Streamline Pharmacovigilance New Oracle Health Sciences InForm and Oracle Argus Safety Integration Accelerates Safety Reporting, Reduces Costs Follow Oracle Health Sciences on Twitter Join the Oracle Health Sciences Community on Facebook Oracle Health Sciences on YouTubeAbout Oracle

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit

About Oracle in Industries

Oracle industry solutions leverage the company’s best-in-class portfolio of products to address complex business processes relevant to health sciences, helping speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

About Oracle Health Sciences

At Oracle, we believe that a more predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory system will help improve human health. We can help accelerate this journey to personalized medicine through technology, data, and insights. Oracle's solutions support industry initiatives to improve care quality and outcomes; reduce costs; and speed time to market for new treatments, therapies, and devices. Oracle Health Sciences delivers comprehensive business applications, plus database, middleware, and hardware solutions for life sciences and healthcare companies and institutions worldwide. For more information, visit


Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Samantha Thai

Mary Tobin
O’Keeffe & Company

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POSCO Selects Oracle Product Hub and Oracle Engineered Systems to Provide Greater Customer Value with Advanced Order Process

Oracle Database News - 12 hours 8 min ago
POSCO Selects Oracle Product Hub and Oracle Engineered Systems to Provide Greater Customer Value with Advanced Order ProcessLeading Global Steel Manufacturer Dramatically Reduces Response Time by Streamlining Business Processes and Increasing Productivity with an Enterprise Information HubREDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – September 23, 2014News Summary

In an ever-changing business environment, manufacturing companies must be able to manage vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. To accommodate a growing customer base and massive global order volumes, POSCO chose Oracle Product Hub, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Engineered Systems to support the company’s transformation, boost performance, and increase operational efficiency. As a result POSCO has been able to better serve its customers through advanced order processing while laying the IT infrastructure for significant sustainable growth.

News Facts Oracle announced that POSCO, one of the world's largest steel manufacturing companies, based in South Korea, has implemented Oracle Product Hub as a mission-critical, highly scalable solution to maximize production efficiency and enhance the customer-order process. POSCO aims to provide differentiated value to its customers by adopting POSPIA 3.0, a proprietary process-innovation project that optimizes global IT systems throughout the organization, to increase profit margins and improve operational efficiencies, while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. With Oracle Product Hub, POSCO can centralize and standardize product information, increase the accuracy of information by filtering data and providing alerts through dashboards, and further simplify order processing by automatically and accurately matching millions of customer requirements to the product specifications. This results in shorter cycle times and can reduce customer-response time from 10 days to one day. POSCO also integrated Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Suite with Oracle Product Hub to build a better data management system, one that checks for updates to data. Oracle BPM helps ensure that employees update any missing information with prompt alerts. Oracle Product Hub’s central repository of product information is linked with Oracle E-Business Suite for more efficient control and cost management of their steel production. In addition, POSCO deployed Oracle Product Hub with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to simplify its IT infrastructure and boost operational efficiency, flexibility and speed.Supporting Quote "Oracle Product Hub is optimized for manufacturing and supply process management as it is highly scalable and provides centralized product information," said Rick Jewell, senior vice president, Applications Development, Oracle Applications. “Oracle Product Hub allows POSCO to provide differentiating values for its customers with improved customer service."Supporting Resources Oracle Product Hub Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Oracle Exadata Database Machine Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Business Process Management SuiteAbout Oracle

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit


Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


Karen Hartquist

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.NET Obfuscator Standard Edition

Software Development Tools Directory - 12 hours 25 min ago
The idea for Skater is simple. When we tried other obfuscators in the market place, we always found software bloat and features that did not make sense to us. For any feature to get into an official release, it has to pass the Rustemsoft's "whole ...
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Software Development Tools Directory - 12 hours 29 min ago
EntityDAC is an ORM for Delphi with LINQ support. It provides a powerful framework that allows to perform object-relational mapping of database objects to Delphi classes with full support for encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and other OOP ...
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Software Development Tools Directory - 12 hours 30 min ago
MutaTesting is a mutation testing tool for PHP. Mutation testing (or Mutation analysis or Program mutation) evaluates the quality of software tests. Mutation testing involves modifying a program's source code or byte code in small ways. MutaTesti ...
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Software Development Tools Directory - 12 hours 32 min ago
speclj (pronounced "speckle" [spek-uhl]) is a TDD/BDD framework for Clojure and Clojurescript, based on RSpec.
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Software Development Tools Directory - 12 hours 34 min ago
CodeLite is an open source, free, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages which runs best on all major Platforms ( OSX, Windows and Linux )
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Traceability Browser: How To Efficiently Manage Dependencies Throughout the SDLC?

Intland Blog - 13 hours 22 min ago
Managing dependencies in the application lifecycle is a difficult task. There may be numerous relationships between several types of artifacts in trackers, and in complex projects, hundreds or thousands of dependency relations may need to be managed. With bigger projects,
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Visit Ranorex at Software Test Professionals Conference 2014 Latest News - 16 hours 8 min ago
Ranorex will participate in the Software Test Professionals Conference at Denver, Colorado from 3rd to 6th November, 2014.

The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge.
The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. 

Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to
  • improve your software testing techniques
  • find the latest tools
  • discover emerging trends
  • develop new or improve existing processes
  • network and gather with other high-level professionals
  • and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else.
Don't miss the session "How Manual Testers Can Break into Test Automation" presented by our own Jim Trentadue.

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ALMission Partners with Inflectra in China

Inflectra News - Tue, 09/23/2014 - 01:00
We are pleased to announce that ALMission, Inc. has joined the Inflectra certified solution partner network to offer Inflectra products to its customers in China and the Asia-Pacific region.
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